In our Mindset Coaching sessions I'll draw on a whole host of tools and techniques to help you rewire your mindset to increase your confidence, motivation, productivity and sense of calm - empowering you to make positive change and become your best self.

  • Do you want to feel more confident?
  • Do you want to overcome procrastination?
  • Do you want to feel more motivated?
  • Do you want to worry or panic less?
  • Do you want higher self-esteem?
  • Do you want to be more assertive?
  • Do you want to experience less stress?
  • Do you want to feel more positive?
  • Do you want to be more effective at making decisions?
  • Do you want to learn how to speak up?

Altering your mindset can change your entire life. It’s clear that our mindset is fundamental in determining whether we realise success or crumble with inaction, negativity or self-doubt when defining and pursuing our goals. Thankfully, like any other muscle, we can train our minds to work with us rather than against us.  

In our mindset coaching sessions, we’ll work together to

identify your current mindset, discover the negative patterns that are holding you back and develop a toolkit to reorient your thinking - creating a more positive and productive outlook and enabling you to tackle challenges head on.

We’ll explore proven tools and processes for identifying and changing

limiting beliefs, reframing thoughts, calming emotions, relieving stress, making empowered decisions and developing healthy confidence and a solid base of self-belief - empowering you to become your best self.

My approach has been described as "a lovely mixture of warmth, curiosity, logic, humour, insight and just the right amount of challenge." (That made me happy!) As a certified coach and an active researcher, I draw on effective coaching tools & techniques, neuroscience research, positive psychology techniques, the best of NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy and guided relaxation.

By the time we're through you'll feel empowered, productive, more confident and ready to face challenges head on. Book your free consultation to chat things through!

Vivien Moriarty, Wellbeing, Mindset & Confidence Coach
Vivien Moriarty Coaching Practice, Central Bristol

SESSIONS - the nuts and bolts

I offer online video sessions on Google Meet or walking sessions in Bristol. All my sessions are held 9-5, Mon-Thu. Here's a little info on the nuts and bolts:

Free Initial Consultation:

I usually hold initial consultations online, it's completely free and normally lasts around 20 minutes. It's an opportunity for us to chat through what you're wanting to achieve, talk about the potential coaching process and to discuss any questions you may have. We can then decide if it's a good fit and something you'd like to go ahead with. Book your free consultation.

Session Costs:

Coaching sessions are 50-minutes and can be booked on a pay as you go basis (£80) or as a package of 5 sessions (£70 each).


"I was amazed with how the first session was such an eye opener. It instantly made me re-evaluate my focus. It's such a great feeling seeing how one small change in my behaviour can influence those around me." - Josh A